Úlfvolk Word Hoard: A Basic Lexicon

A Basic Lexicon for Seiðr and American Disrtroth

(under construction)

Evenhead — Equality.

Frith — Friendship and goodwill among the members of a tribe.

Gefrain — Reputation built by honoring one’s word and living true to one’s ethic. Gefrain can be “among the gods” or “among the folk.”

Grith — Friendship and goodwill among members of different tribes.

Pathworking and Journeying — This is a mystical process which involves what might be referred to as “astral travel” and “astral work” for a set purpose, like “Going to the Well of Wyrd” to understand, forsee, and even change the “fate” of a community.

Spæ: Seership —The term Spæ or Spæcraft is given to the prophesizing part of Seiðr. These practices include the Vitki—One who “reads” runes for personal divination.

Seiðjallr: The High Seat Trance Oracular Rite — This is likely the most spectacular group rite where the Völva enters into a trance-state to serve as oracle for an assembly.

Seiðr: Magic and Sorcery — This word is often misused to signify all Norse magics. (Likewise, the word seið is often conflated with “Witchcraft,” however Hægtesse is a better word.) Seiðr, at its core, is about harnessing and shaping energy. The Völva uses both Galdr—a chant used during Seið—and Vardlokkur—a “song” used during Seið.

Thews — Ethics.

Utisetta — “Sitting out.” An overnight (generally supervised) outdoor meditation.

Völva Stav—Meditation: Personal Growth and Attunement — This practice often used to assist students (and experts alike) in their study of runes and The World Tree. Norse myths and folklore are excellent tools used to align personal energies.

Weregild — Human value. In the past, weregild was paid to a family in the event of death or injury (like contemporary insurance). Today, we imagine weregild as recompense for wrongdoing. We are not a community with punishments based on “sin,” but we do abide by an ethic that believes one should compensate for losses (material or non-material) they (either intentionally or accidentally) cause to another.


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