Rules For Attendance

Nine World American Kindred welcomes you!

We have a few ground-rules for attendance at our events based on common courtesy. As our kindred has grown, it has become necessary to formally establish some simple guidelines for feasts.

If you have never celebrated with us before, we prefer to meet with you in person on a more casual basis before including you in a ritual event. If that isn’t feasible and we have never met in person, you will need to be vouchsafed (referred by someone we do know) before attending a ritual event. 

1) Guests: Please feel free to bring guests! We love new folk, just let us know who to expect. Also, know that you are accountable for your guests’ behavior, consumption, and reactions. Make sure that they are aware of the protocols and rules.

2) Firewood: We view the fire as part of our ritual. The fire is a sacrifice to the gods and a warming gift to the grove and its guests. Do your part and bring at least a few pieces of firewood for the fire (unless the invitation indicates otherwise). Also, we ask that you not put any wood in the fire unless instructed to do so—this is for safety as well as rationing.

3) Feast: If you want to eat, you need to contribute food! Our feasts are potluck dinners, not grove provided feasts. Meals are communal, a symbolic coming together as a folk. If you would like to be included in this part of celebration, then you must contribute a dish. The normal rule of thumb for a potluck is to bring twice the amount of food that you and your party will consume. That does not mean twice the amount of one item, say potato salad, that you would eat but twice the amount of food that you intend to consume *in total.* We put no restrictions on what you bring, but we prefer it to be homemade. Also, we do not discriminate against people who may have fallen on hard times. If you cannot afford to bring a dish, feel free to contact a kindred leader (at least two days ahead of time) and we can arrange for you to substitute trash duty, dish washing, etc. No problem! Trust us, there’s a lot to do at a celebration—your assistance will be appreciated as much as a food contribution would be.

4) Coolers/Refrigerators: We insist that you not go into someone else’s cooler (either to place or to take something) without asking. We tend to have one community cooler, but you should make sure you know which is which. Also remember that permission to take ONE item out of someone’s cooler is not permission to take a second. You need to ask for permission each time and every time you want to take something that isn’t yours.

5) Camping chairs: Please bring something to sit on. We have lots of lawn furniture in the main part of the yard but lugging it back to the ritual/drumming area is untenable. You may not want to stand for the entirety of the ritual/music portion, so be sure to bring a chair. We might have some to lend, but you need to be responsible for putting any borrowed items back where they came from.

6) Ritual: We welcome people to either participate or to watch. Just remember that even when you are not a participant, we can see and hear you. If you are feeling conversational please make sure you are out of earshot. This means that you should make sure all cell phones are OFF before the ritual begins. Cell phones on vibrate are still audible. The leadership understands that there are people with children, people who work in emergency services, those with relatives in emergency situations, and the like. If you must have your cellphone on vibrate, talk to one of the group leaders and we can make special arrangements for you.

7) Private venue: We are offering our home for a place for congregation. Please respect this sacrifice and be considerate of house rules. Be aware that we have both indoor pets that are not allowed outside and outdoor pets that need to be contained in the appropriate part of the yard. We do not smoke inside the house. Please stay in the “public” areas of our home and NEVER enter closed areas without permission.

8) Intoxication: We allow adults to drink responsibly at our events. If you become obnoxiously intoxicated or otherwise impaired, you may not drive yourself home; we reserve the right to put you in a cab at your own expense. What’s more we WILL phone authorities if your behavior becomes a danger to you or to our other guests. Long-term grove members may opt to “crash” or “camp” at our house if they plan to become impaired; this is not an invitation for anyone to over-imbibe and spend the night. These arrangements must be agreed to ahead of time and are often done behind the scenes. No underage drinking is ever authorized by Nine Worlds American Kindred.

9) Leave no trace: This is a private home to which you have been invited. Please pick up after yourself and those for which you are responsible. Garbage cans/bags and recycling bins will be made available; please use them. Also, make sure you understand what is and what is not an appropriate ash/butt receptacle.