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This too shall pass.–Ancient Adage

Let it Be.–Lennon–McCartney

Those of you who have access to our calendar and events may have noticed that this morning a good number of our events have been cancelled.

Last night during lesson, Bob, Adrie, Tim, and I had a conversation about the future of the Kindred. This is just to make you aware of what’s happening and to keep wild rumors from spreading and to allay any fears. (I have filed a revised version of this as a memo to our Secretary so that everything is official.)

I am taking a temporary hiatus from being the leader of this Kindred. Realize that this is not because I am no longer dedicated to our tribe and not because I don’t find service to our disr and to our community rewarding; but because, as you may be aware, circumstances dictate that I should. I cannot continue to properly attend all of the responsibilities I have before me. Therefore, I feel, as I’m sure you feel, the most responsible thing to do is to place the Kindred in more capable hands.

I am very grateful to Bob and Adrie for taking this responsibility. As you can imagine, they have a lot on their plates as well. Please remember to extend to them all of the support that you have always extended to me. On Walpurgisnacht, Bob will be a freshly ordained priest and he has taken on this responsibility without batting an eye.

Be aware that I will continue in my sacral duties to this Kindred. Imagine how, being relieved of organizational duties, I will be able to do better in that capacity. Know that you all are and will remain in the forefront of my prayers.

I am also stepping back from teaching. I will complete The Advocate 1 class and suspend all other classes until my haitus is over. The only exception will be the classes that Tyler has agreed to teach: the Seeker class. I am grateful for his service and I hope the students in this class appreciate him as much as I do. When my hiatus is over, we will all meet to reassess educational needs and ways to meet those needs. I’m confident classes will be back in full swing by Yule.

As to why I am stepping to the background and for how long I will need to remain there, I will not publish exact details. But most of you realize that there has been some trouble levied against Tim and me and that we are taking necessary action to right the wrongs.

Having spent more than my share of time with lawyers and court documents recently, I feel that the next leg of this race is going to be up hill. Rather than allowing the stress of the impending trial effect our Kindred, I am glad to have a couple as capable as Bob and Adrie to fall back on. They have agreed to remain in this capacity until the trial is over.

Hopefully, the defense comes to their senses and settles sooner rather than later. But the most likely scenario is that we will have a court date in 6 or 7 months. In the meantime, the defense has promised to “go to the media,” to file a countersuit, and to generally make my life difficult. Remember that I have spent a good amount of time since August preparing the evidence for this suit; imagine how I may now have to prepare a defense for their countersuit. As you must realize, the amount of evidence that Tim and I have to wade through is overwhelming.

I have prioritized. Know that my sacral duties and my family come first. Given that I am fortunate to have a solid priesthood to support me, I feel relieved to be relieved of that responsibility. Likewise, magical lessons. While it is one of the most rewarding parts of my life, there is a time to lay some things down. This is one of those times. Thank the gods for Tyler’s studiousness–I feel blessed to have a student who is prepared to become the teacher. As to my secular job? The gods will provide and I will gratefully accept their provisions.

But I will be back.

Realize that the dedication you all show during this difficult time, paired with the devotion to our continuity shown by Bob, Adrie, and Tyler, assures that our Kindred will go on in prosperity. Be aware that we will not fall apart because of this snafu, but we will become stronger because of our trials. Have good faith that our gefrain is such that’s the gods will protect us and bring us justice. If I may paraphrase the holy text of another religion, “Be strong and courageous; don’t be afraid of them. For it is our gods who go with us; They will neither leave us nor forsake us.” 

Waes Hael!



Any questions or statements regarding the state of the trial should be directed to Dr. Edward Tracy at Southern Legal Group, P.C.: 334-787-9119, Toll free- 866-LAW-9876, or

If you feel that you want to help, contact Bob or Adrie or post to Nine Worlds’ Facebook Page.  Of course, this hasn’t been an inexpensive experience and you can imagine that all donations are appreciated.

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Donate Here




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Charming of the Plough

Witchcraft From Scratch

  • Disting—A Norse celebration of the Disr (female ancestors) and Freyja, who is most manifest in her erotic attributes at this time.
  • Grundsaudaag (Groundhog Day)—A Dietsche celebration of the great American prognosticator.
  • Imbolc or Oimelc (ewe’s milk)—A Celtic celebration; festival of the goddess Brigid.
  • Landsegen (land-blessing), or “Charming of the plow”—A Germanic Heathen rite where farming tools (or other “work” tools) are blessed. The land is honored and cofgoda (household spirits) are venerated.
  • Solmonath (Sun Month)—An Anglo-Saxon time to celebrate renewal.
  • Vali’s blot—A mid-February celebration for Vali, the god of vengeance and rebirth.

Halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox is a cross-quarter day which many Pagans will be celebrating tomorrow as Imbolc. Here at our hof, we will be celebrating creation—the act as well as its manifestation.

Imbolc is particularly important to our Kindred. It was two years ago that we celebrated our first ritual on our land:…

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Protected: Midsummer Discordian-Heathen Ritual

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The Death of Baldr–Midsummer 2013

Death of Balder by XsilverleenX on deviantart

Once, all of creation lived under Wisdom’s Peace, a golden age without violence or aggression. It was a time of unending summer, with abundance and joy. But this season of peace was not destined to last forever. It had been foretold that a time would come when peace would end and the world, as it was known, would end. This is the story of turning of the seasons of the gods and the death of Baldr.

Baldr lived in a place called Breidablik (bree ah di blick), which means broad-vision—we might say, open-mindedness. When he began to have dreams about his impending death, Frigg, mother of Baldr demanded a promise from every thing in creation, even the rocks and the air, that none would harm her son, the shining star, the fair of feature, bright and tall. As a result, Baldr never got so much as a scratch or a cold.

Son of Odin, brother of Thor, Baldr was loved by all so this promise was easy to exact. Frigg, however, failed to obtain a promise from a small young sprig growing on a tree. In time, this sprig grew. As it grew, it reproduced and covered the trees. This sprig was mistletoe.

Now Loki liked to cause mischief. Not really part of Asgard himself, Loki hated to see the gods complacent in the summer of peace. Naturally inclined toward chaos and the change it brings, Loki often caused a good deal of trouble. Every time Loki played a trick, the gods were forced to puzzle a way out of Loki’s disorder and reestablish the order they preferred. You see, Loki was part of the primordial giant race. Odin made a blood-pact with Loki and brought him into Asgard as a brother. The other gods didn’t like Loki’s trickery, so Odin had them promise never to kill him—as this too would bring about the Twilight of the gods, Ragnrok.

On the other hand, all of the gods loved Baldr. And one of their favorite sports was to use Baldr for target practice because their weapons would bounce right off him—even battle axes—even Thor’s mighty Mjolnir. When everyone would gather around to play with Baldr, Hödr Blindi or Blind Hodr, half-brother to Baldr, was often dejected because he could not take aim at Baldr in the games. Holdr’s name means “blind aggression.”


This gave Loki an idea. You see, he had been paying attention when Frigg made all of creation promise never to hurt Baldr and he noticed the mistletoe that everyone else overlooked because it was too young and too small. Now that it was fully grown, he knew he could use it to his devices. He took the juice from the mistletoe berries and dipped a spear in it. He gave the spear to Hodr, who was eager to be included, and helped him set aim at Baldr. The spear struck and killed Baldr. Everyone was shocked.

In his grief, Odin had another son, Váli, who grew to adulthood within a day and slew Höðr.

Baldr was ceremonially burnt upon the largest of all ships.

Frigg’s begged Hermod, the fastest of the gods, to go to Hel and ask her to release Baldr from the underworld. Hel agreed upon one condition: if all objects alive and dead would weep for Baldr. All did, except Loki disguised as a giantess named Dry Eyes.

It is fated that Baldr will remain in the underworld until after Ragnarök, when he and Höðr will be reconciled.

So what we have in this story is an allegory for open-mindedness being destroyed by blind aggression lead by the voice of trickery. This leads to the demise of all that Baldr stood for and a rise in all that Ragnrok stands for.

It is also a story about the end of summer. Technically, with Midsummer being the longest day of the year, we are seeing the beginning of Autumn. Winter is coming.

What we do when we symbolically hold funerary rights for Baldr, is recognize that it is feelings like fear and jealousy and blind aggression that keeps us from having the broadmindedness and open vision that Baldr represents. It is this that keeps our minds locked in the cycle of Ragnrok.

Today, we will make a symbolic gesture to rid ourselves of those things which make us blind to the light of Baldr’s broadmindedness. As we strive to awaken the childlike joy and acceptance of love and light within ourselves, we prepare for the return of Baldr, the one who will come again.

So, just as Baldr’s funeral ship burned, we will burn away those things which prevent us from being light and joyful. Just as Baldr will return to reestablish a golden age, we look for the return of our childlike wonder and acceptance of life’s everyday joys.

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PBP Weeks 21: J –Jarls and Judicial Assemblies

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Witchcraft From Scratch

It’s a Thing.

No, really. We call our assemblies a “Thing.”

In Germanic and Celtic societies all of the “free folk” (this is why Anglo Saxons also call assemblies “folkmoot”) would gather to have their grievances heard by a legislative mediator called a “lawspeaker.” This process eventually morphed into modern Parliament, and in some ways, our own Supreme Court.[1] Back in the day, when tribes, or theod, were *required* to avenge injuries done to their kindred, in order to keep the peace between tribes,[2] the equalizing convention was the Thing. Folks would come before the assembly, made up of all the free members of a community, speak their piece, hear the judgment, and then be bound to follow through with it. Then? Then let it go. The customary law of the community, or thews, were binding to both sides—plaintiff and respondent. Once balance was achieved between…

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2013 Membership Drive

We are happy to announce our first annual membership drive. If you would like to officially join Nine Worlds Kindred, we are offering 20% off membership between Litha (6/20) and Lammas (8/1).

Benefits include admission to regular paid events, discounts on special events (like mead making lessons), and reduced tuition at Open Path Pagan Seminary. Members in good standing are also invited to our annual planning meeting in November/December.

If we have never met, you will need to be vouchsafed. If you are not local, we will need proof of ID.

Print out the PDF below, fill it out, scan it, and email it to or bring it with you to an event. We accept cash (do not mail cash), cashier’s checks, checks, and PayPal.


Kindred Application

Do you have questions about membership? Use the form below to contact us.

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