American Dísrtroth Tradition

The American Dísrtroth Tradition is an initiatory and ecclesiastical education group which takes students through a 12 degree system. Pathwork and training are available to aspirants. We provide training on a cyclical basis.

Training in Dísrtroth includes a Hermetic methodology in that we abide by the primary tenants of the Emerald Tablet: “As above, so below.” Therefore we begin our focus on the individual and strive to reach our highest potential through self reliance, personal responsibility  and, internal reflection. The first year of study consisting of a preparatory degree, “Seeker,” followed by three initiate degrees, “Neophyte” and “Advocate” I-II, brings the student through an academic sampling of Ceremonial and Folk Traditions. Later degrees specialize in Healing Practices, Sympathetic Folk Magic, Germanic Ceremonial Magic (seiðr), and Oracular Work. We offer ordination as a goði or gyðia (Heathen Priest or Priestess) to those trained in Open Path Seminary’s Ordination and M.Div. branches. Pathwork and initiatory training are available to aspirants who meet the criteria. 


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