Our Programs

  • The American Dísrtroth Kindred (An Ecclesiastical Initiatory Mystery School)
  • Nine Worlds Kindred (A Local Grove of the Church of the Spiral Tree)
  • Úlfvolk (Our tribal name)

The American Dísirtroth Kindred is an initiatory education group which takes students through a 12 degree system. Hermetic in methodology, Heathen in ethics, entirely American.

Nine Worlds Grove is an eclectic Pagan Religious Community in Auburn, AL. The purpose of this grove is to provide a culture for those who want to be involved in Pagan spirituality on a more organized level. We provide various social events, learning opportunities, and a full ritual schedule. We offer marriage ceremonies and handfasting as well (LGBTIQ safe). If you live in the Auburn area, please contact us via the email function below.

9WK Logo

Úlfvolk is our working Seiðrhjallr troop. If you are interested in joining Úlfvolk, please contact us. If you are interested in scheduling a Seiðrhjallr, please see our documents in the Document Center or use the form below to contact us:


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